Amber Zip Bags

Protect light sensitive contents from damaging ultraviolet light. Use these 2-mil bags while routing medications from pharmacy to nursing station to patient. Inner packed by 100’s.

    Product Information

Item Number Description Size Unit of Measure Sale Unit
Z20302A Amber Reclosable Bag, 2W x 3H, 2 MIL 2W x 3H Case 1000
Z250902A Amber Reclosable Bag, 2.5W x 9H, 2 MIL 2.5W x 9H Case 1000
Z30502A Amber Zip Bag, 3W x 5H, 2 MIL 3W x 5H Case 1000
Z40602A Amber Zip Bag, 4W x 6H, 2 MIL 4W x 6H Case 1000
Z60902A Amber Zip Bag, 6W x 9H, 2 MIL 6W x 9H Case 1000
Z801402A Amber Zip Bag, 8W x 14H, 2 MIL 8W x 14H Case 1000
Z901202A Amber Zip Bag, 9W x 12H, 2 MIL 9W x 12H Case 1000
Z1201202A Amber Zip Bag, 12W x 12H, 2 MIL 12W x 12H Case 1000